SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist that Restore and balance skin moisture

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Eliminate the doubts about the best SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist for the winter when the skin dries.

A serum without weight and moisturizing in a mist for a visibly fresh skin and a more durable and luminous makeup. Seawater enriched with minerals and sea fruit extract combine with Algalyte Complex to intensely hydrate and retain moisture for a more youthful looking complexion. A unique blend of polysaccharides helps form a seamless protective layer to help seal hydration and establish makeup. The skin is visibly and radiant.

Women who do things are always moving, whether we like it or not. From the board meetings on Monday to the happy hours on Friday night, our time is precious and we cannot afford to stop at home and the best solution for the girl who does not slow down? Beauty products on the way, of course. This hydrating setting mist will rescue you when your time is limited. A long day of meetings, telephone conferences and daily trips can wreak havoc on your complexion. For a quick facial update, look for this cool, hydrating mist that will keep your game face shining from the desk to dinner. SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist have the function of moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Its use is perfect when the skin is dry and opaque due to external agents such as pollution or the sun’s rays as it provides an extra hydration that revitalizes it.

Setting Mist can be combined with each other setting sprays. Each of these fixers have a specific function that helps our makeup lasts for much longer and remains intact so they could be combined and magnify their effects in our makeup. The only drawback to use them all in unique makeup is that some of them especially fixing sprays incorporates levels of alcohol that are aggressive to the skin if is used in high quantities. The different makeup fixers have a function according to the different stages and layers of makeup. We recommend you to combine them only in special moments where you need a perfect makeup to shine all day and enhance your beauty.

Note: To make sure that the product the makeup fixer you choose is not so aggressive for you, corroborate that have as little alcohol as possible. So, if it is in the final part of the list of ingredients, the amount of alcohol is not very high there is no need to fear.

You also have to take into consideration the weather. One of the aspects that consider when choosing the makeup fixer is the weather of the day and is that this can greatly influence the duration of makeup. When the weather is hot or very hot, makeup runs easily so the best option is to find a fixative that refreshes and is resistant to sweat. If, on the other hand, it is cold or you are in the winter season, use a fixative spray that will protect your skin from the cold and aggressive air, which means that it will provide a lot of hydration like SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist.

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5 reasons why everyone loves the skincare Algenist SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist.

  1. It is a refreshing spray that prolongs the makeup and fixes it. The Makeup Fixer is designed to leave the makeup impeccable, without spots.
  1. Are ideal to moisturize the skin, they can be applied at any time. Gives a cooling, refreshing & clarifying mist.
  1. It is the best setting spray and gives your skin a dewy beautiful finish. It sets the makeup all day and doesn’t dry out your skin specially in winter time with cold weather.
  1. Also, is a most for use at the beach at a refreshing spritz.
  1. Gives a natural finish to makeup and remove shine, especially when it is very thick or contains a lot of dust and so the skin will not look so cracked and aged.

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4 Effective ways to use SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist

  1. Start Appling the Setting Mist spray on a sponge or makeup brush. In this way the base of non-fluid makeup will slide more easily through the face and you can apply it better.
  2. Shake well and then you should keep the Setting Mist with the arm extended and apply a few little taps to about 20 cm of the face after makeup.
  3. Apply it in the form of X and T keeping eyes and mouth closed.
  4. It provides fixation with all the products you have used, whether foundation, powders, shadows and lipstick.

SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist Consumer Study Results.

Results obtained following a consumer use study of 80 women, using the product 1-3 times daily, or as needed. Individual results may vary.

  • 100% said it refreshes and cools skin while providing a weightless feel
  • 94% said it wears well over makeup
  • 94% said skin feels replenished, balanced and hydrated after 10 days
  • 88%said it visibly increases luminosity after 10 days

Final Conclusion: SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist

There are women who by their skin type manage to keep their makeup intact; however, there are others that do not have the same luck. With SPLASH Hydrating Setting Mist help you to have a perfect face all day long and hydrated. Applying this product, is quite simple once the beauty routine is finished, it is sprayed on the face, and the skin lasts approximately two minutes in absorbing the liquid. The Setting Mist, apart from prolonging the duration of the makeup, provide moisture and freshness to the skin, since most of these bring sea fruit extract combine with Algalyte Complex to intensely hydrate and retain moisture for a more youthful looking complexion.

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