Best Face Primer for Over 40

8 Awesome ways that the makeup Primers helps you to look better after 40.

8 Awesome ways that the makeup Primers helps you to look better after 40.

1. Primer are products that are applied before the base of makeup that help not only to fix it but also equal skin, attenuate pores and wrinkles and even some have treatment functions such as regulating the production of fat, moisturize, soften and attenuate the lines of expression, illuminate the face and diminish the appearance of the pores. In addition, the primer allows the base of makeup to spread better through our face and remain intact for longer.

2. Ideally, you should use your pre-base on special occasions, such as weddings, parties, dinners or important events. You can also apply it, day by day, or with a natural and simple look. It is recommended to use it on skins with imperfections, with acne or that already begin to have wrinkles.

3. Try not to apply large amount of product, otherwise you will get clogged pore. Use only the necessary amount in the areas where you need it, do not fall into the error of applying more product to hide the imperfections.

4. In addition to achieving a smooth surface, your makeup will last many hours. As a beginner, you may have doubts about which one is right for you (some contain silicones or chemicals), be sure to take your needs into account.

5. Makeup primer are applied after the usual cleaning and after applying our moisturizer. Do not abuse them because they can clog the pores, we must use little product and spread it over our face as if it were a normal cream.

6. Illuminators. For women with dull complexions, with olive color or who simply want to give extra light to the face or in specific parts to highlight certain features of the face and disguise, at the same time, some lines of expression and wrinkles. Almost all brands offer a mattifying primer and another light effect. These primers are rich in minerals and nacres that reflect the light on our face.

7. Correctors of skin tone. The corrective primer serves to correct, unify and improve the appearance of the face. Beyond being blonde, brown or chestnut, our skin color has a sub tone to consider in our makeup. That is why there are primer that help us correct this sub tone and get a face with a homogeneous tone. They can be found in different shades depending on the need:

-Greens are oriented those women who have pimples and redness in the skin.

-Yellows are used to get a ‘good face’ effect.

-Mallow and violet are used to neutralize the skins with yellowish tones.

8. Primer are recommended for people who suffer irregularities in the skin such as pimples, open pores. The purpose of this primer is to unify, perfect, smooth and control the brightness of the face to improve the appearance of the face.

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Primer for Over 40

Best Primer For Over 40

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Conclusion for Face Primer for Over 40.

They reduce the visual aspect of the pores. In fact, you will find primers with the name of reducer or pore filler. Mattify the skin controlling the brightness and wrinkles and expression lines are visually blurred. They also facilitate and prolong the duration of makeup. The best thing is that they help you look younger.

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