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Beauty elixirs the best facial serums for your skin.

The Serum penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. We each have our own beauty routine, which we modify sometimes, depending on the needs in our skin. However, we do not always remember to include a good facial serum in it, and we believe that a moisturizer is enough. But that’s not true. Facial serum, unlike creams, penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, and its concentration of active ingredients is usually much higher although it depends a lot on each case, so it is recommended that we apply our usual treatment: the morning moisturizer, and the nourishing cream at night.

You always have to apply them before your usual moisturizer, since if you did then the cream would form a film on the skin that would prevent it from penetrating properly. Regarding the application form and amount to be used, the most practical is to place a small amount on the fingers, divide it between both hands, and gently press the face until the product has been completely absorbed. If you had fallen short, take a little more and repeat the operation in the areas of the missing face, although they are usually products that run a lot, and with very little you will have for the whole face.

When should facial serum be used?

Starting at age 18, it can be used to prevent the passage of time. «A serum is not specific for mature skin; the certain thing is that a person who uses the serum from earlier ages will have better results in terms of prevention.

Finally, you should not forget:

1- If you have any problem or reaction, you should stop using the serum immediately and go to the dermatologist to control the problem, if it persists.
2- Dermatological serums have slightly higher concentrations, if they are used for many time they will cause irritation.
3- If you notice that there is pigmentation, suspend it and go to a dermatologist, since the serum you are using is not right for your skin.
4- It is important to use it as a complement to the beauty routine; once or twice a day according to the recommendation.
5- When coming in high active concentrations, they are not products that should be used continuously, since they can irritate the skin.
6- You have to be clear that the serum is water and if we are applying repeatedly during the day, we will unbalance the skin’s humectant factor layer, which should have a balance between oil and water, in order to prevent water what’s on the skin evaporates. As a defense mechanism the skin produces more oil and we will have acne-like rashes or excessive shine.

What ingredients must contain to treat:

Skin aging: Retinol or alpha-hydroxy acid, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and a surfactant such as silicones (dimethicone).

Acne: Retinol or alpha-hydroxy acid and natural substances, such as green tea or algae, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This serum is applied as a complementary product to patients with acne who have irritated skin.

Nourish: Vitamins and antioxidants, such as B complex, vitamin C, grape seed extract (proanthocyanidins) and tomato extract (lycopene).

Revitalizing: Extract of ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Skin Spots: Kojic acid with arbutin.

Dark circles: Vitamin K and anti-inflammatories, such as green tea and cucumber extract, as well as caffeine.

Moisturizers: Hyaluronic acid. In general, all are usually moisturizing for the amount of water they use, but this substance is what keeps the water.

When do you see results from the use of facial serum?

The process of skin regeneration is one month, so to see the result you have to wait four weeks.

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