Art Naturals matte makeup setting spray for sensitive skin

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Art Naturals matte finish setting spray.

Art Naturals it’s a product free of BPA, free of cruelty and ecological. Beauty and nature and harvest affordable, environmentally friendly and healthy products for skin! Contains: extracts of pomegranate and sage plus aloe Vera that soothes, moisturizes and protects the skin, extracts of zinc, copper and magnesium stimulate and protect skin cells and all ingredients meet the 100 percent natural standards of natural art. Therefore, the fixative spray will maintain its fixation throughout the day or all night. The fixative is of natural origin based on aloe vera, pomegranate and other compounds such as zinc and magnesium that protect the skin, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. It is also moisturizing, decreases the effect of free radicals, regulates the presence of grease on the face and is perfect in cold or warm climates. It is the most content on this list, and you can buy it for a price that does justice to its quality, reason that places it among one of the most recommended. The makeup fixer came to make us look perfect for hours. It is designed so that even with heat, we do not need touch-ups, since powders, shadows and even liquid products in cream will remain in place for longer. The spray is essential when we are going to party, or for a long day of work; also, that the liquid has properties that will give us a feeling of freshness with matte finish that will seem that we just apply the cosmetics.


Previously the makeup fixer was a secret only from the professionals, but today, famous brands of the industry have developed their formula to offer a high-quality product that meets the goal available to all. Even the most beautiful makeup looks can be of no use if your makeup fades after a while. It not only helps your makeup to stay longer but also gives a chic look to the skin.

Art Naturals setting spray for dry skin and oily skin.

This setting spray is for dry skin, it feels like it’s wet on the skin but it’s so wet that you feel like you’re drowning until it dries. The bottle itself is so pretty and bubbles with translucent bits which made it a dream to photograph. This product is natural, So, this achieves the matte finish which is good, especially for oily skin. For those people who live in Florida and need to find something that can stand up against all the humidity is a plus.It sets your makeup for hours, and leaves your makeup looking refreshed and blended. It’s not over priced and it will last you a long time, as there is a lot of product in the bottle. It’s better than most of these overpriced setting sprays you find in the market. It does just the job.

How to use this makeup fixer?

Each brand has its instructions, but the most frequent is after cosmetics. Actually, the vast majority of makeup sprays are applied after the paints, as they work as a pigment blocker, when everything is in place. The application is too simple, just place the sprinkler about 20cm from the face, close your eyes and make an average of five downloads in the form of T or X so that the vaporization covers the entire face. The sensation of humidity will only last a few seconds and then your skin will be dry and with your makeup protected for long hours.

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Final conclusion: Art Naturals Makeup Setting Spray

Enriched with extracts of aloe vera, sage and pomegranate, this ArtNaturals makeup spray gives a matte finish and is made of 100% natural extracts.  Recommend for anyone who is into wearing a lot of makeup. The formula is rich in antioxidants that delay the signs of aging and increase the makeup’s luminosity. It can be used for all skin types and provides a refreshing effect.



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