Mehron makeup barrier spray fixer and sealer

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Mehron barrier spray for oily skin.

Mehron barrier is a makeup fixation spray with double function seals makeup and protects your skin. It can be used for beauty characterization and all kinds of makeup making your makeup remain intact for much longer. This versatile MehronMakeup Fixer can be used before makeup base to create a protective sweat barrier; or on the powder once the makeup is finished to ensure maximum duration. In addition, it can also be used over water or cream makeup. Mehron is a professional makeup brand that distributes its products to the whole world with an unbeatable quality. Also, is one of the best makeup setting spray for oily skin for the grade of alcohol in the ingredients.

4 characteristics of Mehron barrier spray.

  1. make-up last a lot longer without needing touch-ups.
  2. It can be applied before makeup to avoid sweating and at the end to fix your makeup.
  3. For characterization you can use it before applying adhesives or prostheses to protect the skin from possible irritations as Barrier Spray forms a barrier between the skin and the adhesive.
  4. Waterproof setting spray

Mehron barrier spray ingredients: SD Alcohol 40B (Alcohol Denat.), Water/Aqua/Eau, Acrylates/Octylacrylamide Copolymer, Triethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance (Parfum) (Parfum), Benzyl Benzoate, Methylparaben.


Here in this video you can see other ways to apply this fixer.

Makeup forever setting spray.

Mehron spray is a cosmetic-grade sealer based on clear alcohol designed to create a barrier between skin and makeup. When applied to the skin it reduces perspiration behind make-up and provides protection against allergic reactions to makeup, latex and adhesives such as Spirit Gum. The best part is that after applying your makeup, you can use the Mehron spray to seal your makeup and prevent it from falling. Ideal for actors, clowns, models, dancers, drag queens, special events perfect for the makeup of brides on their special day. It is very easy to apply and stays for long periods of time.

5 tips you should know about Mehron barrier spray:

1. To apply before makeup, as a “primer” and fix the finish. You can spray the fixative on the face and let it dry or directly, moisten the brush to obtain a more intense pigmentation and a sealed finish.

2. To seal the makeup once applied. It is sprayed on the face and left to dry in the air. Applications are repeated throughout the day if necessary.

3. To refresh the face throughout the day and eliminate the sensation of dry skin.

4. To enhance the finishing and fixing of pigments and powdered products in general. If you have a shadow that pigments little, try moistening the brush with the makeup fixative. You will see that it enhances its color and keeps it on the skin for much longer.

5.Very useful accessory to carry in your bag and refresh your long days of work.

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Makeup recommendations before the Halloween night.

There are enough days to celebrate Halloween, but it is time for you to take note of certain recommendations to take care of your skin and receive makeup tips so you will not be caught off guard when this party approaches. It is important to ensure that the chosen costume matches the makeup, since many times a makeup multiplies the impact of a disguise, since the body expression (and even more so the facial expression) speaks for itself non-verbally.


Prepare your skin before the Halloween party:

  • Therefore, it is very important, before you start to put on makeup, wash your face thoroughly. It is advisable to use a special face cleaner, but if you only have hand soap or shower gel, better than nothing.
  • Next do not forget to hydrate the face. It is advisable to prepare the skin with a very nourishing moisturizer, and let it absorb for the next 15 minutes.
  • Using a serum with vitamins after having absorbed the moisturizer will provide an extra supply of hydration that your skin will need.
  • Just before you start with the makeup, apply a pre-base for the face that will prepare your skin for an ornate makeup. Thanks to her, then it will be easier to remove it.
  • Seal Halloween makeup well once you’re done, with Mehron makeup barrier spray.

When you get home after the Halloween party:

  • The step of removing make-up is, this time, absolutely necessary. Do not forget that your skin has many products on it, and you need to breathe and oxygenate.
  • First pass makeup wipes through the eyes and then the rest of the face.
  • Next, moisten a cotton ball in micellar water or cleansing milk and pass it all over the face to ensure that nothing has been left.
  • You can also spend another cotton later with facial tonic. When the cotton comes out white, wash your face with cleanser, and then add more moisturizer. This will ensure that the face is completely clean and regains its natural state.

Final Conclusion: Mehron barrier spray

If you want to get creative, we recommend using this setting spray in a different way. You can moisten with them the brushes with which you apply eye shadows. This will fix better to the eyelid and last longer without detaching. In fact, on the sponges with which you extend the base and in the brushes that you use for the contouring and the illuminator you can also moisten them.


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