Rose water toner skin care hydrate and reduce pores.

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Aromatic and relaxing rose water tonic for all skin types.

Pamper yourself with the best ingredients of nature and try this delicate rose water without alcohol. Refreshing and revitalizing tonic in haze formulated with organic waters of Roses removes the remains of makeup and dirt that may remain after cleaning. Rebalances the pH of the skin and leaves it ready to be hydrated. The floral rose water is known for its antiseptic power and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Rose water tonic is made with the most advanced and organic natural ingredients and preserving all the vitamins and nutrients so that you get a healthy and radiant skin in the most natural way. An ecological facial tonic rose to cleanse and refresh the skin. Suitable for all skin types; including sensitive skin, dry, mature, with acne, with rosacea, mixed or oily. An aromatic and relaxing balm that you can use to balance the pH of the skin.

The best benefits of rose water tonic for the skin:

  • The rose water is obtained from the distillation of the rose petals and it is a wonderful cosmetic for the skin.
  • Rejuvenate their skin.
  • Its ability to prevent the early appearance of fine lines thanks to its regenerative effect.
  • This property of rose water also promotes healing and improves the appearance of scars and acne marks, traces of fatigue, redness and open pores.
  • It deeply and naturally cleanses the skin and for that reason it is considered one of the best antiseptics to combat acne, to the point of resulting in a very smooth complexion.
  • Among its benefits is the property of tensing the dermis, which conceals cellulite and gives a rejuvenated look to the face.
  • Rose water balances the pH of the skin.
  • Its anti-inflammatory property prevents the formation of bags under the eyes.
  • Rose water balances the production of sebum on the face offering a cleaner and less shiny complexion, ideal for people suffering from oily skin.
  • Antibacterial property, it allows deep cleansing of the skin, eliminating dead cells and makeup residues.
  • Rose water is used as a tonic lotion for devitalized skins.
  • The roses hydroponic revitalizes mature skin and can be used as a facial tonic.
  • Refreshing and astringent properties.

Characteristics of refreshing rose water tonic.

  • Hydrates face and neck.
  • Perfect to rekindle the skin when it is off or during long flights.
  • Refreshes and sets makeup.
  • Softens the skin after shaving or depilation.
  • Delicate aroma of rose.
  • Moisturizes dry skin.
  • Soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
  • Increases the effects of the moisturizer.
  • Its aroma provides calmness.
  • Revitalizing and toning.
  • Especially soft and alcohol-free.
  • Practical sprayer, ideal to refresh the skin during the day.
  • Prepares the skin for daily care.
  • Regulates the pH of the skin.
  • With extract of rose petals calms and balances the skin, cleanses and lightens the skin, strengthens and refreshes the skin.

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How to use this refreshing rose water tonic?

  1. Apply as many times as desired on face, neck and body dry gently.
  2. It can be carried in the bag and used as a facial revitalizer during the day.
  3. Apply it on the face with a cotton swab after cleaning or simply close your eyes and spray.


Recommendations for this rose water tonic.

  • For a refreshing summer tonic that calms the skin exposed to the sun, we recommend keeping it in the fridge. A unique sensation of freshness!
  • Use it daily in the mornings to cleanse refresh your face.
  • Use the tonic at night to remove make-up.
  • If you are looking for a sensation of freshness and immediate hydration, apply a few drops of your serum in the palm of your hand and then the tonic of roses, emulsify, apply on the skin with gentle but firm touches upwards or from the center of the nose sideways, you’re ready to start the day.

Final conclusion: Certified organic rose water tonic.

It as an all in one, which makes it very practical in terms of space, time and costs because a single product for everything. This product it does not have alcohol; that is to say, it is not aggressive with your skin, it leaves it soft. As for the aroma, this is very light, like rose water. Use it during the day when you feel the need for supplemental hydration. Perfect for use on airplanes, beach or office. The size of 30ml is ideal to take with you wherever you go, but you also have a larger size 100ml. Does it deliver what it promises.


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