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Setting spray that can be used under makeup to prevent melting due to perspiration and over makeup to protect against humidity.

Girls love to look radiant at all times and Halloween is no exception. Hence, the makeup for this occasion must be exceptional. The good Halloween makeup allows us to experiment with different techniques and use risky looks that we could not use at any other time, thus giving free rein to our creativity to look beautiful and impressive. You can look beautiful with a pretty theatrical Halloween makeup.

When making our Halloween makeup we can take any element as a source of inspiration. Generally, for this holiday are made makeup that give a terrifying appearance, being the makeup of zombies, witches, corpses and skeletons the most frequent. On the other hand, they are also usually made of fantasy inspired by fairies, princesses, famous people such as superheroes or villains, cartoon characters, among others. They are also used as make-up for Halloween, often those inspired by animals such as cat, rabbit, owl, etc.


6 Benefits of Cinema Secrets Super Sealer.

  1. Durability and provide a protective shield against external humidity and environmental elements, preventing makeup from melting.
  2. When you use it before makeup acts as a sweat inhibitor it is ideal for humid and heavy climates.
  3. A spray is applied at the end, drying is allowed and then another layer.
  4. Make your make-up last much longer without touch-ups.
  5. Evaporates instantly, which allows an extreme fixation of your makeup, without altering it.
  6. Imperceptible and non-sticky.

Tips for Halloween makeup.

Before starting it is very important to clean and hydrate our face very well; especially when making a Halloween make-up, because to make this type of makeup a lot of products that can dry our skin are used. This may prevent us from achieving the desired effect. Once we have done this step, if we want our makeup to last longer, it is important to apply a pre-base. After we have cleaned and applied the prebase, we select the technique to use. The makeup technique we are going to use will depend on the look we want to achieve. To finish, we must apply a Cinema Secrets – Super Sealer so that the makeup for Halloween lasts longer.


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Easy Halloween makeup ideas.

When choosing a look, you can decide according to the demands of the same. There are makeups that range from the simplest to the most worked. Simple ones, such as those inspired by animals, can be done more easily, so they can be done at the last minute when we do not have the time or materials necessary to make a very elaborate makeup. For those people who want a more worked makeup, there are designs in which special effects techniques and materials are used to achieve a more realistic finish. This type of makeup for Halloween is characterized by paying special attention to details, recreating well, for example, open wounds, burns, warts, etc. For these cases artificial blood is used, which can be combined with ingredients such as sugar, cornmeal or gelatin to give an appearance of coagulated blood.

Likewise, if we want to make a zombie or corpse costume makeup, we must use a base tone that is much lighter than our skin tone to make our skin look paler. In addition, we can use white fantasy contact lenses, which will hide the pupil making our eye look much spookier. To give a more realistic look we can highlight the veins of our face using eyeliners or shades of blue and purple; these must be carefully blurred with the help of a brush.

Also, if we want a skull makeup we must contour our face very well. For this we must use different illuminators and shades of brown and black, or white and black paint, adding the darkest color where we want more depth and light color where we want to highlight. This way we will achieve a skeletal look. On the other hand, if we want our eyes to look much bigger, as in the case of doll or fairy makeup, we can use a white pencil eyeliner on the water line and add false eyelashes to make our eyes look bigger and open

Finally, it is important to consider that when makeup is done for Halloween, whether it is simple, last minute, or realistic and very elaborate, the important thing is that we enjoy it, let our imagination fly and achieve a look with which we feel comfortable.



Final Conclusion: Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Mattifying Setting Spray

As for keeping the makeup for longer in a special night like Halloween, one of the best setting sprays to make the makeup last for hours is certainly the Cinema Secrets – Super Sealer. Make up as you want and apply before and after makeup.

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